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Contours of a scalar variable

VisIt tutorial for SoHPC@EPCC

Prepare PATH environment by typing:

export PATH=/opt/visit-2.6.2/bin:${PATH}

Contours of a scalar variable

Contours of a scalar variable

  1. Open VisIt and noise.silo with a single command or use File -> Open
    visit -o /opt/visit-2.6.2/data/noise.silo
  2. Type Ctrl+I to display info about the data opened and then close the window
  3. Click Add -> Contour -> hardyglobal
  4. Click Draw
  5. Double click on Contour (or Right-click ->Edit plot description)
  6. Under select by choose ->N Levels enter 5
  7. Change the opacity levels
  8. Click Apply
  9. Click Dismiss
  10. Click Delete

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