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    7575== Using Web service to edit your article in LaTeX ==
    76 [[Image(verbosus-sohpc.png, right)]]
    7776Instead of editing with local installation of LaTeX one can use web browser
    7877to write LaTeX from template given. Procedure for preparing PDF from
    7978template is the following:
    80  1. Register at and login.
    81  2. Try Template Project by pressing {{{Generate PDF}}}
    82  3. Create project named sohpc
    83  4. Upload [raw-attachment:sohpc-template.tex] by clicking {{{File...}}} under Documents.
    84  5. Remove default {{{document.tex}}} by selecting and clicking {{{Remove}}}
    85  6. Upload [raw-attachment:sohpc-logo.png] under images.
    86  7. Press {{{Generate PDF}}} and check the compiled PDF by clicking Adobe Reader logo icon at the top right corner.
    87  8. Start modifying template from title and use Generate PDF oftenly after any change to see if ''Logfile'' reports any problems.
    88  9. When the article is finished collect generated PDF and LaTeX by cut&paste from web editor along with figures into one file and send it to ICHEC and CC:Leon Kos
     79 1. Register at and login.
     80 2. Create project named sohpc
     81 3. Upload [raw-attachment:sohpc-template.tex] or replace by cut and paste into sample LaTeX.
     82 4. Upload [raw-attachment:sohpc-logo.png] .
     83 5. Press {{{Compile}}} and check the compiled PDF.
     84 6. Start modifying template from title and use Compile oftenly after any change to see if ''Logfile'' reports any problems.
     85 7. When the article is finished share it to the editor.
    90 There is also possibility to use Android application VerbTeX or iOS iVerbTeX available from respective App stores.
    92 Another LaTeX web service for desktop-only users is that
    93 offers additional comfort in writing article.
     87Note that all participants will receive shared template on ShareLaTeX that can continue to edit according to instructions therein.
    9589If one wants to use standalone LaTeX (local installation)