Template for writing PRACE SoHPC project article

See files in attachments below for starting. It is recommended to use LaTeX template as it is "easy" to modify and prepare it for publication.

Word template was created by conversion of PDF to DOCX and it looks the same. Except that text flow is not preserved and that may cause problems to Word people. So we suggest to remove everything except the first page and prepare the text and figures from the scratch. Project description at the end should be formatted to look-a-like PDF examples. Use Georgia font for the content and Arial for headings. For color definitions see LaTeX sources in the print-screen from Web editor.

Samples are given under Attachments. It should be stressed again that each article title page should be modified in design that suits your project title best. You are free to rearrange titlepage as long as font sizes and types are preserved. We don't want to have articles to look-a-like. Border margins should be maintained. It is allowed/encouraged that some figures can bleed over the margins slightly. Do not introduce background/shadows that changes overall style. Stick to the fonts/sizes provided. If having "borderless" image it can bleed to the page completely. Do not present a figure that is not a direct product of your work. If you got data from a simulation not done by you and you are now showing it authors should be credited in acknowledgments and clearly stated in text. Your contribution to the project needs to be clearly visible.

Please note that the content in template is just cut and is more technical than it should be. Highlight contributions you have given within the project. Popular article is not a report! Do not name sections with "Introduction", "Results", "Discussion" and "Conclusion" but rather attract reader with the section title that describes the text that follows! So be innovative and stylish when preparing the article. Think of highlights from the project to be clearly presented. If you do not explain what figures aare showing and plainly explain what we can conclude from them then there is no point of showing them except that they may be "nice". Do not expect from readers to interpret results given in graphs. Ask mentor for guidance and review before submission. Preview can be submitted for quick comments on style and formatting. Do not be afraid of large empty space left on purpose to highlight/focus important material. It is better to concentrate on quality (2 pages) rather than quantity. One can have annexes in a separate document project form and if needed. So fill up 2-3 pages nicely. Do not leave half a page empty. If out of ideas what to write, create a sketch, diagram and explain the project with it. I am not really in favor of having common presentation with two students. I would rather see that each can present this or that part or the same in his own words. Be creative with figures. For example merge them, create circular clip and so. You can have two pages background image and little text with a title alone. Huge caption underneath figure explainig it. Do not forget for highlights spreading (with minipage) two or more columns as shown in the template. Title can have all-caps for selected word you are highlighting. Title can have question, exclamation, ellipsis at the end.

It looks like that Word is unable to do superscript citations with larger font without breaking line spacing. That's why bracket [citations] are admissible too. Anyway, citations should be avoided in popular science style.

PRACE SoHPCProject Title line should contain no space. Do not replace Project Title with your title. Use official title in a line below. If needed PRACE SoHPCThanks note at the end can be used to thank people helping you with the project and are/were not associated directly with PRACE. Mentor and people organizing SoHPC should not to be thanked. PRACE SoHPCAcknowledgment should be used for official acknowledgements requested by code/data providers and disclaimers on views. MoreInformation? should be link to the content providing more information on the subject and not to the general tools used in the project. Photo in this section should be your face covering 3/4 of the area. Width is 20mm.

Using Web service to edit your article in LaTeX

Instead of editing with local installation of LaTeX one can use web browser to write LaTeX from template given. Procedure for preparing PDF from template is the following:

  1. Register at and login.
  2. Create project named sohpc
  3. Upload sohpc-template.tex or replace by cut and paste into sample LaTeX.
  4. Upload sohpc-logo.png .
  5. Press Compile and check the compiled PDF.
  6. Start modifying template from title and use Compile oftenly after any change to see if Logfile reports any problems.
  7. When the article is finished share it to the editor.

Note that all participants will receive shared template on ShareLaTeX that can continue to edit according to instructions therein.

If one wants to use standalone LaTeX (local installation) several free Integrated Desktop Environments (IDE) are possible on all platforms : TeXmaker, TeXworks. WYSIWYM type of IDE like LyX or TeXnicCenter are not recommended for use with this template.

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